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     If I could show you photos of Angels?  If I could show you photos of St. Theresa?  If I could show you Jesus himself on the cross?  In  car accident photos, taken the next day then taken to a one hour photo store.....

(yes, there was such a primitive place way back then.)

Would you believe me?  Would this help to erase your fear?  

     The Fear I'm speaking of:

Erase Your Fear of Death.  Yes, a difficult subject but one important subject.  Why?

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By Inspirational Speaker

Francesca Halliday - Cornell

c. 2007 to 2022

     Now, my status is that I have the photos which is proof. 

But I don't need proof.  I  do realize thoughthere are those who do.

  People who believe but are frightened. 

People who are sick and dying and don't

know what is going to happen to them when they pass on.  Those who don't know if there will be anyone there to greet them when they arrive.  Those who don't know where they will go when they get there.  To those people I wish comfort.  I wish happiness for their journey.  I hope that my photos and story of how they came into play will help multitudes.

     Hello and Welcome to Erase Your Fear.

This is a simple concept.  Erase Your Fear. 

Easier said than done.

     Let me explain...

There are People who are sick.  People who are dying and don't know if there is a heaven or hell for that matter.  People who don't know if anyone is going to come for them when they do pass on, will  find comfort in knowing that the "afterlife" is there.   (The Afterlife. That expression has been so overused but really...  is there any other word to express what we are trying to say?  Ah the stuff movies are made of.)  There is an amazing journey which will be completed.


You will see loved ones again.  I can tell you that Gods love lives on and on and never ends.  Sometimes God... Yes I said God.  Needs to get the word out.  He needs a messenger with a big mouth and gives jobs to people who will spread the word.  And as my family will attest, He gave this particular job to someone with a Big Mouth.   Me.


The Inspirational Speaking Engagement of the Century...

"Erase Your Fear"

(Yes You Can.)

       You and I are having a simple conversation about life, death and dying and you just happened to mention that you are afraid of the whole death process. 

     So,  if I said to you   "erase your fear" you would be like

"yeah, right."  Well I don't blame you. 

It's not an easy thing to do.  Not only that but-

How Do you do it?  How do you Erase Your Fear?

       Now, we have moved onto the subject of the "afterlife." 

You tell me that you are quite positive that there isn't an afterlife.  There is nothing there. It's done.  Ended.    That's it for us. 

     But what if you had proof of some kind?

What if I didn't just tell you, but showed you photos.

Tangible proof that would ease your fears if not completely remove them?  What would you then say?

     OK.  So I have a Big Mouth.  First things - first.  Slightly off track, but stay with me.  I know that God is there.

He gave me an odd little job which I have been doing for years.  I take souls "Over" while I'm asleep.  Yes.  It confuses me sometimes.  When I wake up, I tell my mom about it.  I describe what happened, the soul of the person who passed, rather the person themselves, sometimes  I see what happened to them.   I see this because they are still trying to stay with their body and I am trying to get them to come with me. 


     Why am I telling you this?  Because then you will understand when I tell you that there is an afterlife, there is a Heaven, you may understand.  I don't need photos to know that God or Heaven exists.  I knew God and Heaven was there way before I had photos. 

     I guess by now you know that  I don't care what others think of me.  They can say I'm crazy.  I'm a nut. Whatever. 

I know the truth and I know that light.  That heavenly light is undeniably there.  More on this later.