Finding Dad    

When dad passed, again I was concerned to find him.  Just to satisfy myself and know he was okay as he lingered here when he passed.  He stuck around for a couple of weeks as we had to wait for autopsies etc.  Dad was my biggest influence when it came to Astral Flight, ESP and all that good stuff.  He recognized that I had that gift as he had it also. 

   After dad passed, we always knew when he was "visiting" as we could smell him.  Cigerettes and Sweat.  Sometimes the room would be filled with this odor and sometimes there would not be an odor until you walked into a part of the room and you actually passed through the odor "cloud."  Dad was hanging out, ease dropping.  (smile.)

     I went to bed a week after his funeral wanting to know where he was since the odor cloud was not around any longer.  In my prayers I asked for this special favor and it was granted.

I was transported to a place I had never been to before.  Turns out it was a stone castle type of place with long darkened corridors dimly lit.  It wasn't a terrible place.  Not bad at all.  No bad vibes.

     As my huge companions stayed with me and allowed me to fly on and on looking for my dad, I flew towards a group of men jogging towards us.  We passed them and put on the brakes and started in reverse flight.  It was time to leave. Wait!  There was dad.  I found him.  He was jogging with the others.  I was told he was a good guy.  I knew that.  He worked hard, loved his family.  I knew that.  Also that he loved the Blessed Mother.  I knew that.  Everyone gets to do penance on the other side  if they do not go directly to the Great Hall.  Some very light Penance.  Some heavy duty Penance.  Well dad was doing very light duty.  Penance helps to quicken your souls advancement.

Some souls  do light duty by thinking of their past life and how to make next time better or think of ways to get healthy next time around.

Dad was jogging.  In life, dad  had put on some weight around the middle and wanted to get those extra pounds off soooooo, he was jogging it off.  Actually, he looked good and had already lost about 25 pounds when I found him.  (wish I could get the pounds off that quickly. LOL)

     As I found him he saw me.  He got this worried and confused look on his face, then the look turned to annoyance as if he was thinking  "Get Out of Here.  Fast. You don't belong here."  The expression on his face said it all, tight lipped shaking his head.  The look turned to softness, then a smile and he waved back as I waved to him and I knew he was o'k.



 Cousin Palma C.

Here I was in astral flight.  When I arrived on the other side I was a little girl skipping down a gravel path.  I soon met up with another little girl and we both skipped happily down the gravel path following a Huge Stuffed Dancing Bear.

     Soon we were no longer little girls but we were now adults and walking up a ramp to a trailer in a trailer park.  The inside was nice and neat.  Neat as a pin actually.  We walked through the home looking over every detail as if saying goodbye to it all, making sure that no detail was left un-turned.

     On the way out, I noticed a clock on the counter top in the kitchen.   The time I believe was 5:25 am.  It's been so long now I'd have to go over my notes but this is an important fact to remember.  We then left the trailer park...

     We are now swimming in the ocean.  It was a nice day but the water was getting choppy.  We came upon a wall sitting in the ocean which we climbed upon.  It was just a bit higher than the water and we sat there for a while.

The woman I was with then jumped into the still choppy water and swam way out and as she swam the water became calm - where she was.  I kept trying so hard to follow her into the water.  To get out to where she was swimming, the sun shinning oh so peaceful.  I yelled to her, "No, wait."  The water kept tossing me back to the wall.  I climbed back onto it.  She turned around and said to me, "No. You can't come with me, you have to go back.  Tell everyone I love them and I'll see them again someday."  With that a huge wave knocked me backwards over the wall I had been sitting on and the next thing I knew, I was washed up onto the beach then I woke up.

     A couple of hours later we received a phone call from cousin Philip.  He told me that his sister Palma passed away that morning.  I told him the time I believe she passed and he confirmed that she did pass early that morning.  The Huge Dancing Bear that we followed down that gravel path by the way was the Greatful Dead Bear.  I had asked Philip about it.  Cousin Palma was a big fan of the Greatful Dead music group.  The clock in the kitchen was indeed on Palma's kitchen counter top.  Details are more proof of Astal Flight  and travels to the Afterlife.


Fly Me:  Astral Air

Fly Me:  Astral Air

   Finding Grandma

  As I mentioned earlier, Astral projection, taking souls over as I sleep is a blessing.  Taking souls home is a priveledge which I take very seriously and it's an honor.

On these occasions, I fly alone.  Some times, I find souls along the way that need help of some kind.  Those times I am usually gravitated to a lower plain where souls may be struggling or lost.  I try to help them.  Sometimes I am frightened but stick around. It all comes down to practice and control.  Fear will pop you back into your body with extreme speed.

Another thing, if you want to get back to your  body, all you have to do is think it and you are there.

     Aside from taking souls over, I have also been granted special permission, to occassionaly  find loved ones on the other side.  Loved ones whom I am concerned about especially those recently passed.   I had this priveledge with my grandmother and dad after their passing.

     Grandma, I found in the Great Hall.  A palace with "many rooms in my fathers mansion."   When I am on a personal mission, I am always accompanied by two very large beings (angels) when I visit the "Other Side."

I am never alone.  They fly beside me and we fly at very fast clips, slowing down when zeroing in on whom we are looking for.  In this case my grandma.

   At first, I actually passed her (after all, we were flying very fast) and when you come back you are going in reverse.  I saw her at the end of the line, chatting away with the girl whom I believe took her over,  Lilly, the 15 year old girl whom grandma introduced me to the night she passed in the hospital.    Lilly was a favorite cousin of Grandma's.  The powers that  be in their wisdom knew  it would be too emotional for me to bring her over so they sent Lilly as Grandma wouldn't be too resistant to leaving with her.

     Literally, I was flying over the crowd.  I was about 30 to 40 ft. above the floor. I passed Grandma quickly, put on the brakes and started to fly in reverse.   As I passed I waved.

She looked confused but waved back.  Her worried expression told me that she was concerned as to why I was there but she waved back to me and smiled and I came back knowing that she was happy, comfortable and with friends and family.  She definitly made it to a "very good place."  She was in what I call "The Great Hall."

     She was wearing a long tea length white gown with a golden trimmed yoke and get this:  No Shoes.  Sorry folks but there are No Shoes in Heaven and I'm certain that is where she was.

     The Great Hall was spotless, sparkling white and golden.  The ceiling was  endless.  The walls were so far out lining the sides of the hall, and there were rooms upon rooms upon rooms upon floors.  I don't know how many levels that these floors were, there were just so many.  I was told that these were viewing rooms.  Places where souls could view us down below or go to rest after a very weary life.  Also, when a soul arrives home, the other souls who come to greet them know when they are arriving and pass through these Portals here to go to the "meet and greet", so to speak.  Then, that newly arrived soul moves on to a new destiny.  But first your new destiny consists or the viewing room where you see your entiire life flash before your eyes.  You see your rights, your wrongs... everything.   These rooms also serve as the "re-viewing" rooms.  The place where we judge ourselves.  The toughest review of all is looking at our lives and making decisions about what kind of  judgement should be passed on ourselves.

It's a tough room, oh yes.  Now, you are off to school, work, a long overdue rest or penance.  You be the judge.


Flight Time.

A quick lesson about Astral Flight.

     My dad told me many times, "Don't be afraid, fear will zap you back into your body very fast and it could be very dangerous."  He was referring to 'dangerous' just as if someone were shaking you or yelling at you to wake up.  It could literally give you a heart attack.  It's a tremendous shock to your body.  Just remember to re-enter slowly, calmly and train yourself to remember everything.  The last thing you want is to bring something  or someone back with you who shouldn't be here.  I'm speaking of a soul or evil spirit who is on one of the lower plains of heaven or a plain of hell.  Possibly a lower soul who has not evolved or learned much needed lessons.

     Another very important lesson   is that you will be traveling Very Fast.  Lightening speed.  "Eventually"  he said "all you will have to do is think about where you want to be and you will be there."  Wow was he right.  Next,  Coming back.  It's all in reverse.  You will see where you were.  You won't ever get lost because we all have a Silver Thread connecting us to our bodies.  It will stretch out so thin that you will hardly see it and it will never break.  The only time it will break is when we die.

     Some people  have different modes of travel going "over there."  For a beginner, the best mode is "The Tunnel" approach.

Lying down, eyes closed, Picture yourself at the mouth of a very long tunnel.  Run! Run as fast as you can.  Keeping your eyes on the little light at the end of the tunnel, feel yourself going faster and faster until you are there in the astral.  Practice makes perfect.  This isn't something to be mastered over night.  Some nights you may feel like you got this and then all of a sudden, you land with a "Thud."  Do you know what I'm saying?  That un-forgetable falling dream as the experts call it.

You are lying in bed, just drifting off and all of a sudden, you feel like you just fell.  You literally feel yourself hit the mattress.  Thud.  You were about to take off in astral flight and didn't quite make it.  The experts call it "falling dreams."  My theory, dad's theory is that it was not a falling dream but an astral take off gone bad.

Just practice and eventually you will make it.  Believe me, it's worth the trip.

      Once there, you may be in a plane, on a motorcycle, what ever makes you feel comfortable.  I was once in a single engine plane and on a flying carpet.  Eventually, you will find that you can just think about where you are going, then you will be there.  It can be quite an adventure.  You are a tourist and still get to sleep in your own bed at night.


Michael takes Flight.

One night I was awakened  to find my son, then around 16 years old standing next to my bed.

He was staring out of the window.  "Michael"  I said in a quiet voice.  "Do you want to talk to mommy?"  He looked at me.  A more awake look at him showed me that He was opaige milky white.  His hair was shorter than in waking life and he looked a bit younger.

The next thing I knew, he quickly glided across the floor in a blink, stood at the closed door and went through it.

I waited a couple of days then asked him the sixty-four thousand dollar question:  "Michael, what were you doing in my room the other night?"  "I was there?" came the reply.  He said, "I thought I was going crazy."  As it turns out, Michael had  been doing quite a bit of astral flying without trying to for quite some time.  He inherited  "The Gift."  Seems to be a family trait.

Memories of when I was young and had free will.

 *    When I was around 11 or 12, my brother and I were in the pool, mom and dad were looking over the veggie garden.  I had been sitting on an inner tube, my brother on the ladder.  Somehow I slipped off of the tube and my foot was caught in the tube.  This left me with my head under water and I couldn't get  up.    I remember seeing myself with my eyes squinted shut and my cheeks puffed trying to keep whatever air I had left in my lungs. It was as if I had been looking at myself in a mirror except my eyes were closed.

     I remember being asked if I wanted to stay or leave.  I told this voice I didn't want to leave my parents because they would be sad.  The voice asked again, I made all kinds of excuses  not to leave.

I don't know how much time went by,  the voice asked me again then all of a sudden I popped up out of the water and coughed up A lot of water.


*   When I was about seven,  my mom, brother and I went to Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey.  We had entered our dog in a dog show there just for fun.  It was on the news that evening and we were on the back porch having dinner watching the televised  dog show which the news had covered.

     All the while we ate I was aware of someone chatting with me.  She kept asking me if I wanted to go and sing with the angels.  I loved to sing.  This was Not a verbal conversation.  This was mental, completely in my mind.  As I was eating I felt as though I was in a trance, listening to a conversation yet I was part of the conversation.

But I didn't want to go and I made all kinds of excuses.  I didn't want to leave my family.  I didn't want to sing forever and ever and never do anything else.  "But you can live with Jesus."  The voice told me.  "No, I don't want to leave my family alone. Jesus won't want them to be sad either."  Finally the voice stopped asking me if I wanted to leave or stay. 

  *   I remember falling down our inside stair case.  16 steps, carpeted.    I remember getting the wind knocked out of me.  I remember seeing lots of feet running towards me.  I remember hearing a girls giggly voice  tell me "Breathe, go on, Breathe."  And I did.(ps.  There was no girl in the house but me.)

    It wasn't until just recently that I had asked God to allow me to meet my guardian angel.  If not meet her, then at least have the ability to talk to each other.  Become friends.  I asked this in my prayers every night for a couple of weeks but nothing happened and I forgot about it.  One particular night I was very tired and I must have let my mind go blank for a moment.  It was well after 1 AM and I had just closed my eyes, but no sleep in them yet but very relaxed.  All of a sudden I heard someone talk right in my left ear.  "Today's the Day."  In a happy, giggly voice.

    I jumped up "For What?"  "Who Said That?"  "Today's the Day for What?"  But of course no one was there.  But I knew that voice.   I heard it clear as a bell.  I realized who's voice it was. I've heard it before.  Today's the day meant to Meet my Guardian Angel.  I went grocery shopping and I don't know why but I went a different way.  I needed a front row parking space in the handicapped section.  As I pulled up to this section a woman started backing up and I got the front row parking space that I needed.  Did my Gardian Angel get me that spot?   Now, I talk to my angels all of the time, it's just that I wanted to meet my very own special guardian angel.    Sometimes I tell her I need a parking spot and sometimes I forget to place my order but the space is always waiting for me.  The next day I was going to the grocery store and I spoke out loud in the car.  "Guardian angel, I need a front row parking spot, I'm in a hurry."  Hey, it can't hurt, right?  I pulled into the parking lot.  For some strange reason I drove in a different way than usual once again.

Then bam, right there. A Front Row Parking Spot in the Handicapped row.  Which is usually filled up.  Thank you my Guardian Angel.

      I've asked for a name to put with my angel but I haven't gotten an answer as yet so I explained to her that I was going to give her a name which I liked and felt was her.  Emily.  So now I speak to Emily, ask Emily for a front row parking space when I need it.  Things like that but I also  ask her to ask other peoples guardian angels  for assistance for other people.  So far, so good.  I ask Emily to protect me and make my way safe and successful.  I ask that an angel of God be placed at my home to keep my home and everyone in it safe on the entire property and for other relatives and friends to be kept safe also. 

     Our angelic friends are amazing.  There are angels to help you with everything.  God gave us angels to keep us in "all ways."  He gave them charge over us.  They take their jobs very seriously.


The following are quick excerpts which will be written more in depth in the e-book when it is released. 

For now, just thought I'd wet your whistle with these interesting accounts.

Mom finally got her flying lesson.

     Mom was always a bit wary when it came to Astral Flight.   Dad always told her "If you ever call me and I don't respond, don't call the mourge.  Just gently shake me or pat my hand.  I'll pop back into my body.  Just don't startle me or you can give me a heart attack."

     Well mom had never experienced astral flight until a couple of years ago.  She thought she was dreaming but she was on a train traveling Very, Very Fast.  She remembers looking around and everyone on the train was Very old.  There were people of different ages but for the most part they were very old.  They were traveling up the side of a Very high mountain.  They went through tunnels then just before reaching the top, she jumped off of the train.  She thought that she jumped, and in her mind she may have  but in reality, she was frightened and in the blink of an eye, she was home.  She knew she had to get home and it was not her time to take that trip  but her body and soul was preparing her for her turn to ride the train with others.  No one goes alone.

     Well this did frighten her but at around 80 years old, her body was practicing her astral flying.    When you don't normally do this it is frightening and it's so new to you that you just don't know what to expect.  Fear took over. Zapped her right back into her  body.

   While I was recovering from my broken back in 1995, I was sharing a bedroom with grandma.  She would quite often fly in and out all night long.  There would  be great flashes of light in the room.  There was a portal in the closet area.  Grandma would often speak of walking around during the night, walking all through the house.  She was eighty-nine and had dementia.  Mere mortals didn't believe her but I saw her re-entry so many times.  I knew she was telling it the way it was.


A message about Suicides:

    Finding people is not always a happy thing.  Quite by accident and I don't remember why, I was in astral flight, my guides by my side.  I traveled to a beach.  I had earlier in the week beenthinking about my ex-brother-in-law Billy W.  He had committed suicide. Perhaps that is why I was in Astral this night.   But why travel to the beach?  I apologize for this segment.  I know it will hurt some people but it's important to know and for anyone who is contemplating suicide to know what happens so they Do Not Do It!!!  There is always a way around this. Therapy, Inner Meditation etc.   Know that you are not just hurting yourself or looking for an easy way out.  There is No Easy Way Out.  You are going through things here on earth to work out your karma.   To learn by it and to grow from it.

     Billy W. committed suicide.  His mode of suicide was a gun to the  mouth. 

I passed  an open top jeep on the road at the edge of the beach.

Billy W. loved to fish, especially ocean fishing out on the Jetti.  The problem is that as I passed him not knowing who it was at first, I realized that it was him.  On my way back in reverse he had gotten out of the jeep which I might ad, was broken down,  disabled and couldn't be moved.

He had walked to the back of the jeep and taken out of the back his fishing poles.

     By committing suicide, you create your own private hell.  He loved the ocean, beach, fishing.  But he Couldn't fish.  He was stranded.  Stuck in the heat with the top down on the jeep he couldn't move from the 5 ft. perimeter around the vehicle.  He couldn't get to the water.   His own personal hell was to be there in that place until his Penace was worked out or until God said"Okay.  That's enough."    No one has the right to end the life that God has given them. 

We are here to live and to learn.      

     I waved when I realized who it was.  Billy W. recognized me and started to wave, then just held up his hand.  I couldn't stop.  I was not to interfere.  I left knowing to pass on the message so other suicides will have the chance to live.  Two brothers gone from one family, both in their 20's.


Hit by a Train

     My brother was to be married soon and my future sister-in-law was temporarily staying with us. 

I had gone to bed early.  I was now deep asleep and in astral flight, my mission had  begun.

     I was approaching  a disaster very quickly, bright lights everywhere.  Balls of light falling from above and I instinctively knew that these were graces and angelic help being sent from Heaven above, escorts if you will.  As I approached I met up with a hysterically unglued young man.  We joined hands and I recall looking upward and in a flash we were "up."

     We had left the disaster behind, a Train wreck in which this young man was lying on the tracks and was run over by the train.  We arrived instantaneously and quietly to a long hallway, gleaming white with very long countertops, floors and walls all gleaming bright white and full of light.  (I know, right?)

Where in Heavens name were we.  No one around.  Well let me take a moment to explain.

     When you first start Astral Flying, your body and mind can not always just go Poof and you arrive where you want to be.  It takes practice.  Sometimes deliberate practice, by willing yourself there and sometimes you just learn as you go.   Even though I had done this many times before, The body still wants to go the familiar route,  fly in a plane, or drive in a car.  Walk, instead of just thinking of where you need to go and just arrive.  Plus the fact that I had a hysterically unglued young man with me who had No Idea that he was indeed Deceased.  So...

his mind was still thinking in earth sense or what made sense to his mind.


     The atmosphere at this level was quite normal for someone looking for information, sort of like someone  standing at the nurses desk in a hospital.  He was in a panic trying to find someone to help us when all of a sudden, two Huge beings came out from a large (and I mean large) double doorway each taking this young man by an arm and whisking him away as he

looked over his shoulder and said "Thank you" and "Bye." 

      Heaven just as Hell has many levels to it.  We were perhaps at an entry level and I am sure that this was a very good place.  From what I've been told, this young man was a very good and kind person.  Also, he was really trying hard to make something of his life.  Now remember... information.   He needed info so he could understand what had happened to him.  No one at the desks.  He wasn't to find out at that moment.  He had to learn to be patient.  Had to wait until the two very large being came to get him.  It's funny, I never see the faces of these beings.  These Angels are very large, tall and I only see up to their mid torso and they are white.  They are in Bright white "angel clothes,"  I can't explain it but trust me,  They are amazing.

     As I awoke from this astral flight I opened my bedroom door and my mom was coming towards my room.  "Mom, I just took someone over."  I said as she reached my door. 

She said "hold on, it's Barbara."  I said "No it was a guy."  Mom went on "No. Barbara's Brother Robert,

a little while ago, he was hit by a train."  With that we both heard the terrifying screams and wails of my future sister-in-law overcome with grief about her brother Robert.

I had only seen him once for ten seconds.  He had been working on moms carpet and no one introduced me or told me it was Barbara's brother.  They just assumed I knew.

  They say it was suicide but we may never know for sure the how or why of the details, only how sad this was.