As a Child sitting around the holiday table, over coffee and cake an uncle would feel pain or discomfort in his neck.  "Frannie come here. Please rub my neck, it hurts."

I'd say "Ok." and I would sit behind him and rub his neck until he felt better.  Pretty soon, I worked my way around the table.  It was fun, kept me busy and I got to help people feel better.  I was doing Reiki without knowing  it.  I found that I could also feel the pain, pinpoint where it was and direct it to go away.

     Yes it started out with hands on, but I found that all I had to do was hold my hands on their necks, or hold my hands above their necks not even touching them and it still worked.

     My family went to my cousin Ann Maries to celebrate I believe it was her First Holy Communion.  Everyone was downstairs and I was in the living room on the main floor.   Snooper, their dog came in and I sat on the floor to pet her.  I have noticed that I will sometimes connect with animals on a level where I will not speak but I hear myself and the animal be it dog, cat or whatever having a dialog.  Sometimes I would only hear the animal's voice.  It  would surprise me and I'd snap out of this conversational type trance.

     On this particular day, petting this very friendly dog I distinctly heard Snooper say to me:

"I'm going to die soon.  I am going to be hit by a car."  
  I remember hugging Snooper feeling so sad for him or her, I don't recall if this dog was a boy or a girl.  As a kid, I just know that it was all spontaneous and I could not control this part of my life. There was also the delema of Do I go and tell  my aunt or uncle?  Do I tell my cousins? Do I even tell my parents?  If I said anything, I'd ruin the party.  If I said anything they all would think I was crazy so I did keep this to myself.  Maybe if I had said something, they would have kept Snooper inside and perhaps would not have been hit by a car.  But I also knew on a higher leverl that I could Not interfere with the powers that be.  This had to happen so this dog could go on to it's next life and assignment. 

Snooper did die soon after and had been hit by a car. 

      As my story begins, told by my mom from day one, I have had special bonds with the animal kingdom.  Her Border Collie and I were best buds. I would share my teething bisquets with "Cindy" and she would keep me from getting into trouble like running up the driveway.  She would grab my dress with her teeth and gently lower me to the ground until mom could get to me.

     Then when I was around 1 1/2 years old mom and dad took me to the circus.  The finalie was coming up and mom thought it was a good idea to leave before the show was over to aviod the crowds rushing out to their cars.

     As we went outside the animal trainers were lining up the elephants.  No one thought it would be wrong to stop and say hello to the elephants, (this was the early 60's) not dad, mom or the trainers and so the story goes,  we stopped to say hello. 

 More to come August 2019

Ah the power of Reik.  Reiki allows the body to relax so deeply inside that the body can actually heal itself.  I'm not saying that Reiki is a do all, cure all and it's not an excuse not to see a doctor.  By all means go get that 3,000 mile tune up however do use Reiki as a compliment to physical medicine.

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     I was talking to the lead and largest elephant in the line up,  " Buella" as well as a small todler could talk.   I can recall this memory, hugging and petting Buella and somehow either verbally or mentally  I must have conveyed to her the notion  to come home with me.   Well, Wouldn't you want a pet elephant of your own?

     About five minutes went by and the trainer told my parents that it was almost time for the elephants to go on and so we left and walked to the parking lot.  As we had gotten about half way through the lot my parents hearing a strange noise, turned in time to see Buella coming home with us !

     Now the trainer realizing that he was missing a very large package, was running through the parking lot calling out "Buella, Buella, come back Buella."

    Meanwhile, Dad scooped me up over his shoulder as he and mom weaved in between the cars to get some safe distance between the  huge Packaderm  and us.  I can recall stretching out my arms towards Buella my new friend and playmate.  But finally, the trainer won out and Buella slowly turned and went on to be the star of the show. 


     I was 14 when I first tried horseback riding.    I loved it but even more than riding the horses I loved hanging with them.  Talking to them, petting them.  Then becoming aware that it was happening again.  I could hear them talking to me, I could hear my thoughts  speaking to them.

Then there was Wilber.

     It was our second trip to the stable in Warwick, NY.  The horse I had previously riden was out on the trail and I connected with Wilber.  I wanted to ride him.  The stable manager said "No."

I was devestated.  He told me Wilber was not to be riden by anyone who had not grown up around horses - he was a bit ornery to say the least.  Could be fresh.  Definetly not for an inexperienced rider.

     Well, my parents and brother were all saddled up and waiting for a horse to come back for me.

I practically begged to ride him.  I had spent about 30 minutes petting and talking with

Wilber and the manager finally gave in, though looked at me kinda funny when I told him Wilber promised to behave himself. (Lol)  The manager did say in no uncertain terms:  "Any problems out there and the trail director will bring you back - without Wilber."   I was thanking him over and over.  I rode Wilber and he was a perfect horse.  An easy ride, no problems, no troubles just a fun time.

     When we returned that guy was scratching his head in disbelief and said: "Little Lady, you can ride Wilber anytime you want."  I spent about 15/20 minutes saying goodby to Wilber and I know I told him that I wished he could be mine and come home with me.  I didn't think anything of it until I was on my way to the car when Wilber pulled his reins off of the fence and followed me to the car.  The manager caught up to us before Wilber actually made it to the car but just the same...

What a sweet horse.