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Ah the power of Reik.  Reiki allows the body to relax so deeply inside that the body can actually

heal itself.  I'm not saying that Reiki is a do all, cure all and not an excuse not to see a doctor.  By all means go get that 3,000 mile tune up however use it as a compliment to physical medicine.

As a Child sitting around the holiday table, over coffee and cake an uncle would feel pain or discomfort in his neck.  "Frannie come here. Please rub my neck, it hurts."

"Ok." and I would sit behind him and rub his neck until he felt better.  Pretty soon, I worked my way around the table.  It was fun, kept me busy and I got to help people feel better.  I was doing Reiki without knowing  it.

Yes it started out with hands on, but I found that all I had to do was hold my hands on their necks, or hold myhands above their necks not even touching them and it still worked.